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Fully Integrated, Fully Scalable For Bingo Halls Large & Small!


If you’re considering adding a sophisticated electronic bingo system to your bingo operation, one system – 501's PowerTouch™ – among the only fully integrated systems in the world – stands above the rest ...

PowerTouch – now available with ultra-modern player devices – is a networked, PC-based system, that is fully scalable for bingo halls, both large and small. 




• Standard PC-architecture

• High-speed Ethernet or Wireless 802.11

• Brilliant resolution on touch screen LCDs

• Optional hardware footprints 

• Tables designed with the bingo player in mind

• Elegant user interface




• Player selectable themes and dauber

• Multiple-card view

• Play entertainment games at the same time as bingo

• Picture-in-picture for TV broadcasts

• Buy-on-the-fly allows player purchases before each game

• Peek feature hides number needed on each card

• Player purchase for standard session bingo


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501 Services’s bingo–based gaming and entertainment software is a multi-revenue stream product offering picture-in-picture technology and simultaneous game play in English, French and Spanish! PowerTouch player terminals are 501 Services-approved “off-the-shelf” PCs, that are networked to a centrally managed system. This PC-server based architecture is designed to provide a scalable and reliable platform for growth, using high-speed Ethernet or wireless networking. PowerTouch is integrated with one of two available point-of-sale systems and a PowerPlay console to provide seamless efficient bingo play and management. Compatible with 501 Services’s gaming devices or installed on its own, PowerTouch is truly electronic bingo at its best! 



Technical Specs


• Standard PC server hardware architecture (provides a scalable, reliable platform for growth.) 


• Suported on Windows server class operating systems. 


• High-speed Ethernet Networking. 


PowerServer Features


• Interfaces with either OMNI/PowerSales or EPIC POS systems. 


• Compatible with PowerPlay 700XL, 500PL, and Bel-Air consoles. 


• Scalable architecture supports installations of more than 1,000 player terminals. 


• Supports “cashless” credit play or standard session based buy-ins. 



Gaming A La Carte!


• Choose from an exciting and evolving array of gaming software 


• Play bingo–based electronic games before, during and after your bingo session ... the hottest trend in the industry today!


• Games can be licensed separately or in packages. PowerTouch allows you to maximize your revenue per square foot by offering players a variety of bingo games on the same terminals, tailored to your regulatory environment.

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