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Experience in charitable gaming

VKGS is the expert in all aspects of charitable gaming. In addition to being a full-service supplier of paper, pull-tabs, and electronics, VKGS will provide the service necessary to help you succeed.

Serves gaming operations

VKGS aspires to supply unprecedented service to our clients by proactively providing individualized attention to help improve and grow the success of fundraising through charitable gaming.

Guidance for new operations

VKGS has helped many charities over the years with their gaming supply needs. Our services help you in the process of fundraising through gaming. Your needs are our mission to help your organization succeed.

Marketing Solutions

Through a wealth of gaming experience around the country the team at VKGS is prepared to evaluate and make suggestions for all aspects of your operation at your request. Our marketing solutions will help improve attendance as well as your bottom line.

Eliminate Paperwork
Tailored for you to produce flexibility, speed and better results that are also great for the environment.
This will change everything

Are you frustrated with the paperwork necessary to manage your game? The new solution to simplify your game management reports is now available. From session, quarterly and annual reports, the new VKGS app provides online storage and access to your reports from anywhere. The new VKGS app can also do the hard work for you. Do you want to hear more?

More power behind every game

As a game operator your time is valuable. We offer industry best service to improve your games. Are you interested in a full service solution to your game? We are here to help.

Dependable equipment

With decades of experience in operations all over the world, we provide the most reliable and flexible system on the market. Your vision is our mission, and our hardware and software will help you get there.

Product forms

VKGS is innovating with new services for reporting and regulatory filing. We not only proved all of your supply needs, we also make it easier to find the forms.

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